Sineaid - US Bobsled Team

I started training with Hammer Human performance for summer. I was a nationally ranked athlete in both the hammer throw and weight throw in high school with multiple sport MVPs, continued to a Division one track and field program to which I have always placed in our conference championships. I was then recruited to try out for the women's US bobsled team. However in so many years of training, I have never truly felt like an elite athlete until this summer. In only a few months of hard training, my body has transformed and raised the bar for me as an athlete. I finally feel ready to compete in the combine heading into Olympic year. Stephen Gourlay has done an amazing job developing an elite team of passionate, knowledgeable individuals whom exemplify excellence. I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to spend time at Hammer, and I hope our friendship develops into a long lasting one. Thanks Hammer Human Performance for your motivation, time, and efforts. I am forever grateful. —Sineaid

Jay Kehoe - Oakcliff Sailing

Mackenzie Blanz - Oyster Bay Rowing 2013

Since joining Oakcliff Sailing in Dec 2012 I have been working out with Steve at Hammer Fitness, coming from a Division 1 athletic program (Stanford University) I expect a lot from the training staff. Steve and Britney have exceeded my expectations from the start. Their workouts are innovative and creative and just plain work! From a personal standpoint I have lost 25 lbs and gained a ton of muscle, from a team head coach standpoint I have team members who love (as much as they can) to go to work out. It is an awesome partnership that has an amazing value and helps make Oakcliff the premier training facility in the country!

Thanks Steve and Britney for kicking our butts every morning and really brining the team concept home in every workout!

Jay Kehoe
Training Program Director
516 802 0368 (office)
410 320 3241 (cell and best #)
Skype: jay.kehoe14
Facebook: oakcliffsailing