Elite Athletic
Performance Training

This training center specializes in training elite and professional athletes. Each athlete will be administered pre and post program testing in order to see the areas they need to improve on, and how much improvement was achieved. This holds both the athlete and coach accountable for the work put into each session.

We expect 100% effort at all times and will not settle for anything less. Athletes are alotted up to 4 training sessions per week with at least 3 being an optimal attendance level.

These hour sessions will be comprised of:

  • Explosive directional power
  • Acceleration/deceleration
  • Sport core and balance training
  • Functional strength
  • Metabolic conditioning
  • Flexibility
  • Injury prevention

What to expect:

  • Dynamic warm-up
  • Form and technique review
  • Heart rate monitoring to do heart rate training, to teach athletes to perceive an exertion level, and to do EPOC training -Video analysis will be done when deemed necessary

There will also be a Physical Therapist on staff for injuries and to rehab muscular imbalances for injury prevention

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